11 Guides For Front-End Developers

11 Guides for Front-end Developers
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Enjoy our Guides series for for Front-end Developers and don’t forget to let us know in the comments of any others that we haven’t yet included.

1. Can I animate…?

Can I animate?” is a site inspired by Can I use, but focused specifically on CSS animations and transitions.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive reference of which CSS properties can and can‘t be animated, and exactly how the animations are calculated by browsers.

2. Web Developer Checklist

Developer Checklist

The ultimate checklist for all serious web developers building modern websites.

3. Designer’s Web Performance Optimization Checklist

Designer optimization checklist

Based on ‘Designers Guide to Web Performance Optimization’ by Jon Yablonski. He created this dynamic checklist for designers. Each item has links to the appropriate section of the associated article.

4. MDN Learning Area

A website mostly for beginners so not applicable to all of us, but it’s a nice central location for getting quick access to all sorts of resources on learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Mozilla Developer Network.

5. Accessibility Guidelines (checklist)

Making work accessible creates a better experience across the board. Use this checklist to help build accessibility into your process no matter your role or stage in a project.

6. Accessibility Patterns for the Web

The site contains all working examples for the book eBay MIND Patterns - Accessibility Patterns for the Web.

Each example demonstrates our recommended semantic markup, keyboard interaction design and ARIA roles, states & properties for assistive technology. Each pattern follows a progressive enhancement strategy (where applicable) and aims to conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

7. Angular Code Review

Angular Code Review

Collection of free checklists you can use to perform a code review of your Angular application.

8. SVG Authoring Guide

An official document from the W3C that ‘describes some best practices for creating efficient SVG documents, using explanations and code samples.

9. CSS Mod Queries and Range Selectors

Is't a guide that helps you understand these CSS selectors and how they can be used to lay out unknown numbers of items in grid layouts.

10. You Might Not Need JavaScript

A collection of different techniques that demonstrate what can be done with just HTML, CSS, Sass.

11. The HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet

An infographic , that covers all HTML5 tags, attributes, desktop and mobile browser support, event handlers, and Canvas features.


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