Advice For a Successful Social Media Strategy

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One area where your business can make a big impact and drive more attention back to your company is through social media. The problem is many businesses think they can simply open accounts and hope for the best without having a plan of attack.

What you need to succeed is to put a solid social media strategy in place. It’s not a good idea to wing it each day and only engage with your audience when you have time or feel like it. Use the following suggestions to help you tweak your current approach and experience more of the positive results you desire.

Document your Plan & Track Progress

Social media is a vital marketing tool for many, if not all, businesses, regardless of industry. However, you need to document your strategy and map out exactly how you’re going to achieve each goal. Also, measure and track progress so you can make any necessary adjustments along the way. Know how many followers you’re gaining, the amount of engagement that’s occurring and what type of content your audience likes best.

Have A Strong Team in Place

You need a strong and creative team in place who can handle and execute on your social media strategy. Help your marketing department keep their creative juices flowing by offering teambuilding activities such as participating in Escape Rooms. Your group will need to work together to problem solve their way out of a complicated themed room in this life-sized mystery game. These are the types of activities your staff needs to be doing if they’re going to work together to execute on the social media strategy and keep their audience engaged using creative and compelling content.

Post Consistently

It’s important to be consistent and not over or under post when it comes to sharing on social media. Come up with a schedule you can follow and map out what type of content you’re going to be sharing so you’re sure you’re mixing it up on a daily basis. What you don’t want to do is not have anyone assigned to handle the content sharing responsibilities and disappear for days at a time. Your audience will be checking in regularly and expecting consistent communication from you. Otherwise, you risk them becoming uninterested, and they’ll stop following you.

Use High-Quality Images

While what you say on social media is important, so are your visuals. You want to share high-quality images that instantly grab the attention of your audience. Some people are visual learners and will truly appreciate having a striking picture to go along with your text. Hire a professional photographer or use online resources to gather a library of high-definition photos you can share regularly. You’ll increase your chances of engagement if you post a message along with an eye-catching image.


These are a few suggestions for how you can run a successful social media strategy at your company. Give them a try and continue to move forward with the tactics that are working best for your team and audience. What you don’t want to do is leave your marketing and social media approach up to chance and lose control in this area.

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