SEO Mistakes that Need to Be Avoided

by Janeth Kent Date: 11-06-2020 seo sem optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour, especially for people who have businesses and want to make something big out of it. You need to put in your share of efforts in the domain of SEO to see to it that your business is moving in the right direction. Google keeps upgrading its metrics, and it then becomes important for SEO analysts and experts to devise strategies that will conform to these ever-evolving metrics and take your SEO game forwards. However, it is only human to make mistakes, and in an attempt to resort to several SEO techniques, people often tend to make some mistakes that can cause your website to fall down the ranks in the SERPs. This article shall look into those mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs if you want to step up your SEO game.


seo mistakes


Not Optimizing Websites for Mobiles:

You need to optimize your websites for mobile phones if you want to your website or webpage to be indexed and ranked by Google quickly. Most people go about their tasks on their phones. This saves them a lot of time and helps them manage their jobs better. If statistics and data are to be taken into account, nearly 50 per cent of the total traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, if you ignore mobile optimization, you shall be ignoring a major portion of your target audience, and your rankings will start slipping. Thus, while you resort to SEO to enhance the quality of your website, make sure that the site has been suitably optimized for mobile phones too. There are a number of ways in which you can optimize your websites for mobile phones. If you are unable to make sense of the process, it is advisable that you rope in a good SEO agency to help you with the task.

Not Putting Enough Effort into Keyword Research:

Keyword research forms a crucial aspect of SEO. You need to understand your competition and target the right short-tail and long-tail keywords so that you can frame your content optimally around them. Use tools like Keyword Planner and SEMRush to get access to a list of keywords that will help you rank on the webpages. There are several other tools that can help you master the keywords all the same. In fact, some of these tools that you can find in the market can be used for free too. However, if you want a comprehensive and detailed insight into the keywords that are more likely to rank, invest in a good keyword research tool. Frame your content around those keywords, but do not overstuff your content with keywords to the extent that it starts looking out of place. You just have to look them up. And in case you are unable to do the same yourself, you can just seek the services of an SEO agency, like that of Sirlinksalot, and let them handle the job.

Focussing Only on the Quantity of the Links:

Link building is an integral part of SEO, and it is important that your website has high-quality links from various sites with high authority. But more often than not, people concentrate more on the number of links rather than the quality of the same. While it is very important for your website to have as many links as possible from several other websites, it also does not do to focus entirely on the number of links and not on the quality of the links. Google will penalize your website if you happen to acquire backlinks from sites that do not have value or are downright spammy. The number of quality links your site has counts as votes from authentic websites and vouches for the authenticity and authority of your site. Google shall favour your site more than anyone else’s if it meets this specific criterion of link building. Never settle for the quality of the links. This is something that you must be very careful about.

Not Paying Attention to the Structure of the Website:

Your users need something that keeps them glued on to your website. There are a number of ways to do so, the structure of the website being one of them. But, not many people pay attention to the same. Most of them are concerned with acquiring backlinks and driving more traffic. Acquiring backlinks and drawing more traffic will become easier if you pay attention to the structure of your website. These elements must sync-up to give better results and take your SEO game forwards. There are a few tips that you could use to structure your website optimally:

  • The structure of the website URL must be neat.
  • Optimize your meta-tags and meta-description.
  • Use the method of internal linking of content to help users navigate better.
  • Also, try using HTML and XML sitemaps optimally.


seo mistakes


Ignoring Social Media:

Though SEO and Social Media Marketing might sound like two different concepts, the idea is somewhat the same. Both enhance the visibility of the website and help you reach out to your target audience. Also, while you share your content online on various social media platforms, be sure that you are branding yourself well. Be creative with your content and see to it that you are posting at the prime time, when the platforms have the most traffic. Regulate or automate your posts, depending on your business. Ignoring the power of social media in this day and age is only causing your website to fall behind in the competition.


It is imperative that you learn to avoid these common mistakes while using SEO strategies to tweak your ranking so that you are able to stay ahead of the curve. Google likes keeping people on toes and thus, keeps changing its rubrics for ranking. An SEO expert or agency worth their salt will always be aware of these developments and changes, and optimize the websites in a way that conforms to Google’s standards.

by Janeth Kent Date: 11-06-2020 seo sem optimization hits : 3691  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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