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<p>Search engines are a massive source of traffic for a lot of websites, in fact it can be the primary source. Due to this, it’s important that you make use of the analytic tools that are readily available to you to allow you to make the most of your SEO strategy. It’s essential to not only to make sure you have your SEO right to begin with, but that you have the capability to assess the performance and make necessary improvements as and when they are needed. We have listed below some of the best SEO plugins and tools that will help you on your way to SEO success.</p> <p><strong>Pingdom</strong></p> <p>It’s incredibly important in terms of SEO that your website loads as fast as possible. Pingdom will test your page speed for you in a matter of seconds. Web design experts such as <u><a href="" target="_blank" title="ensure that your website is optimised as it should be"></a></u> ensure that your website is optimised as it should be, so it loads as fast as possible for mobile users. The user wants quick results, and page speed is essential in making this happen. As well as letting you know how fast your website loads – they will also give you info as to how you can improve this. This will give you a much faster loading website if you follow their recommendations, which as a result will generate more traffic. Speed is integral to your SEO success.</p> <p><strong>SEMRush</strong></p> <p><u><a href="" target="_blank" title="SEm rush"></a></u> is a fantastic tool to see what your competitors are up to – so is perfect for competitor analysis. You can use this data to see how well they are doing, and in turn improve your own SEO. It will give you information as to which organic keywords you should be aiming to rank for, and where you can look to get some backlinks from. Finding out what your competitors are doing with their advertising campaign can be invaluable for your own SEO success.</p> <p><strong>Google Keyword Planner</strong></p> <p>As you would imagine, Google has all the information on what people are searching for. They will actually give you your very own keyword ideas if you submit the relevant domain name in Keyword Planner doing a lot of your research for you. It’s free to use and was created to show Google advertisers the keywords they can bid on as part of their campaigns and to let them know how much they would cost. It gives data on the monthly search volumes, how competitive that keyword is and the number of results.</p> <p><strong>Broken Link Checker</strong></p> <p>Broken Links are never a good thing. They create a bad experience for the user visiting your website, and can have a negative impact on your SEO, therefore it’s important you check your website regularly for broken links and make sure they are fixed. There is a free WordPress plugin which is aptly named the Broken Link Checker that will enable you to find which links are broken. It’s free to use too – so there is no additional investment required.</p> <p><strong>Open Site Explorer</strong></p> <p>This tool is free to use and developed by Moz. It allows you to check on any domain name where you will find fantastic SEO data. You will be able to see which websites are linking to that particular domain and what anchor texts are being used. It will also give you some information such as what your top pages are, linking domains as well as what pages on your site are linked. There are daily search limits on the free version and there are more features you can take advantage of if you upgrade.</p> <p><strong></strong></p> <p><u><a href="" target="_blank" title="a great free to use keyword tool to use for some keyword research">Keyword Tool</a></u> is a great free to use keyword tool to use for some keyword research. Once you enter in a suggested search term – it will automatically come back with further search recommendations using Google auto suggest. Because it uses this data directly from Google, it means it is likely to throw up some of the most searched terms on the search engine giant. It’s incredibly fast and won’t cost you anything. You can also get suggestions for keywords such as YouTube and app store using it.</p> <p>If you are looking to launch a new website or have already done so – making sure your SEO is as it should be, is integral to online marketing. With plugins readily available and free and easy to use tools everywhere online – it doesn’t need to be as daunting as you may think. By using the tools we have suggested, you will find yourself climbing up the search engine rankings in no time.</p> <p><br />  </p>
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