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While working on the new theme for this site, we realized that the various social media buttons We use were making the entire page load considerably slower. As soon as the browser hit that region of the page (the end of each post), everything would stop until those fat buttons were loaded. Using a little bit of jQuery, however, it's possible to get around this and load these heavier elements after the rest of the page has finished loading.

The Code

In order to load the share buttons after everything else, we need to do two things. First, we need to edit our post template (single.php) to call a jQuery function after everything has loaded. We call this function in single.php instead of an external JavaScript file since some buttons benefit from the post permalink or title, so we need to make sure our buttons have access to that information as well.



In the code above, we're calling the function get_social using jQuery's window load function instead of the typical document ready – this makes means our function is called after everything has loaded, whereas document ready loads all code immediately after the DOM is ready. Inside the window load event, we call our function and pass the title and permalink so our buttons have access to it.

In the get_social function itself, we can use jQuery's load function to pass our variables, get the response and populate or div (with the id of "sharing-buttons"). Please be sure to point to the correct URL of your share.php file (which we'll create next) – you may even want to use the absolute URL to minimize errors (ie http://…).


In the beginning, we grab the permalink and title variables from either $_GET or $_POST (a bit more future-proof in case our function changes) and use the default button codes provided by these services. Note that here we don't use the permalink or title in any of the above buttons, as these services automatically detect that information from whatever page they're posted on, however it's there if you need it!

That should be it though – if you edited your single.php and correctly point to your share.php file in the get_social function, you should be loading your buttons after the rest of the page is completely loaded!

The share.php simply contains all of your dynamic button code. Here's what looks like:

    $permalink = $_GET['permalink'] ? $_GET['permalink'] : $_POST['permalink'];

    $title = $_GET['title'] ? $_GET['title'] : $_POST['title'];



Please, pay attention that some buttons could not function correctly when loaded this way, such as the one for DZone. We assume it has to do with the way their button code extracts the host URL, which it may have had difficulty with since it was being loaded from an external file. While it would've been nice to include that button, having a faster loading site is much more important than any single service.

Also, please keep in mind that this won't really change your overall page loading times – it will only make it so that the rest of the site is loaded before the social media buttons. It's useful if you find these buttons to be slow at times and parts of your page render white/blank until they're finished loading, which is the issue I was having.

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