3 Ways to Get High Rankings Despite Algorithm Changes

3 Ways to Get High Rankings Despite Algorithm Changes
by Janeth Kent Date: 10-05-2013 seo web marketing keywords content web design

Representatives from Google have said they change search engine algorithms as many as hundreds of times per year. This reality hit the Internet world particularly hard in 2012, as many of the algorithm changes that occurred meant that people who specialized in search engine optimization had to completely change strategies because those that had been used in the past were no longer valuable. Failing to take action meant that pages could dramatically drop in rankings or disappear altogether. Keep reading to learn more about how things have changed, and ways to give yourself an ideal chance of success even when the future seems uncertain.

Create High Quality Content

It’s already known that people don’t generally have the patience to sift through dozens of pages of search results in hopes of finding something relevant. After all, that’s what created the need for search engine optimization. When done properly, it helps certain sites become more visible and can encourage visitors to not only click on links but linger for longer periods of time when browsing content.

New search engine algorithms place a higher importance on content that is written well and relevant to things users search for. In the past, it was sometimes enough to simply use particular keywords for a precise number of times, and let the content quality take a backseat. By switching tactics and becoming committed to producing content that viewers want to read, you’ll have a better chance of making them respond to your content in ways that make sense for business goals.

Market Content in Several Ways

Details about the new algorithms also make it seem that it’s no longer enough to focus on one or two methods to promote your content. Instead, it’s worthwhile to start by submitting articles to directories, and then going a step further by also creating a social media buzz. You can recruit readers to help in this regard by adding sharing buttons to your content pages that connect to websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Make Your Website Work Well On Multiple Devices

Although there is not yet strong evidence that usability plays a role in search engine rankings; it’s worthwhile to prepare for that possibility by using technology that’s friendly to multiple devices. In 2012, Google conducted a study and found that there may be as many as 1 billion people who primarily access the Internet on a mobile device. Traditional computers aren’t going anywhere in the near future, but statistics like that make it clear that it’s wise to make your website reflect the changing times. If word spreads that some elements of your homepage become nearly unusable when accessed on a mobile phone, no amount of search engine optimization strategies could compensate for the frustration that users may experience. Remember, the goal is not only to attract attention online, but to inspire a favorable response from people who visit.

There are still many questions about the future of the Internet and what it means for people who build entire livelihoods out of helping websites rank highly in search engine result pages. Fortunately though, the three principles outlined above should help you prosper in spite of algorithm shifts, because they offer advice that stands the test of time and don’t rely on gimmicks. Try them today and breathe easily even when you hear rumors that algorithms are about to change once again.


source: http://www.cssreflex.com

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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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