Web Design: 20 Tutorial per principianti

Web Design: 20 Tutorial per principianti


Oggi vi prensentiamo un'utile lista di 20 tutorials per web designers e developers alle prime armi.

P.S. Tutti i tutorial sono in inglese.

1. CSS3 Keyframes Animations Tutorial

2. Create a Stylish Contact Form with CSS3 Transitions

3. Saving custom fields in quick or bulk edit mode in WordPress

4. Cool Notification Messages With CSS3 & jQuery

5. How To Create a Slick Features Table in HTML & CSS

6. Migrating WordPress Across Hosts, Servers and URLs

7. How to Create a Custom Facebook Share Button for your iFrame Tab

8. 10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

9. Designing and Coding a Clean Multi Purpose Website

10. How to Convert WordPress Theme to HTML5

11. Experimenting with the element() CSS function

12. Get started with mobile SEO

13. Spice up your personal site with jQuery

14. Play HTML5 audio in the browser

15. Writing HTML with your Eyes Closed

16. Creating an offline Rich-Client-Application using HTML, CSS and Java with SWT

17. 20 Ways to Lose Your Visitors

18. Make a better FAQ page with jQuery

19. Six Responsive Layout Techniques

20. How Well Do You Know Your IDE?


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