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Devotees of Modern Agile have good reason to be grateful to Joshua Kerievsky! He introduced this marvelous concept to the world! It is applicable with, or without, software development. Therefore, contemporary establishments are hungry for it! Modern Agile functions on four important principles.


Make People Awesome

No, this does not refer to molding users’ personalities! It indicates that any product/service should improve their productivity. First, the product/service should figure out the obstacles to productivity. Next, it should initiate necessary changes for crossing these obstacles. In turn, users’ performances will improve. Naturally, they will promote Modern Agile everywhere!

This is not all. Modern Agile suggests that manufacturers, buyers, sellers, and sponsors/funding bodies should become awesome too!


Safety is a Prerequisite

There can be no success in the absence of safety. The term refers to the ‘presence of fear.’ The staff in an organization may hesitate to express opinions. Members may fear to make mistakes or to initiate changes. They wonder if the changes will really work or not. Thus, the work culture is one of fear. 

Safety is an essential ingredient of any endeavor in the contemporary world. Therefore, it should improve after every failure, near miss or accident. Thus, Modern Agile strives to keep relationships and reputations intact. People’s health, money, and time are safe too. It protects information too.


Learn Rapidly Via Experimentation

Modern Agile is keen to save on time. Using every moment fruitfully is essential to success. Experiments should continue on a regular basis. Only then will the organization acquire the right formula for success? If one experiment fails, people move on to a new one as quickly as possible. No team wastes time on brooding. Every failure is a step towards improvement.

Value-Delivery should be Continuous


Customers are of prime importance to any organization. Therefore, the establishment must have good knowledge of their likes and dislikes. It is possible to know by promoting ideas, goods, or services. Customers give their feedback. It gives a good scope for improvement. In short, the organization delivers value continuously.

Suffice to say that Modern Agile is a revolutionary concept. The next step is to understand how you should use it.

It all depends on which specific principle you want to target. For instance, your organization might want to explore the safety principle. You may invite the team to brainstorm the term safety. What kinds of safety are important to the company? They could be environmental, physical, psychological, financial, software, etc. We call this process, radar charting. You may use this method to view the progress of your safety measures.

Another way is to use stories as teachers. Talk to people, who have experimented with one or more of Modern Agile’s principles. Peruse books and articles displaying stories about successful ventures. Go through content presented on videos.

A third way is to go in for personal experiments. Let us suppose that you wish to write a book. Which topics will arouse interest among the public? After all, your intention is to deliver something that has eternal value. Therefore, find a few topics and select one of them. Now, write a short article on the topic. Circulate the article and request feedback. Here, you are experimenting and learning. Since you are working on a computer, ensure that your data is safe. If the audience likes your article, the feedback will be good. Thus, you have made people awesome!


A fourth way is to gain admission into a reputed institute offering Agile training. There are several establishments across the world, which train managers and staff. There are few free trainings and several paid versions too. In general, they offer certification too.


Some establishments offer training and certification in both Agile and Scrum. Scrum refers to a specific framework. This framework aids people in addressing complex issues. It lets them to think creatively and productively. The outcome is products, which can offer the greatest possible value to everyone. To sum up, Scrum is tremendously effective for maintaining team unity. Therefore, when you sign up for a combined course, you gain in-depth knowledge. What values and principles will result in high performance? Where can you apply Modern Agile effectively? Which business deals and projects will benefit? Similarly, managers opting for the course, learn to mentor, lead, and coach.


Comparing Modern Agile and Heart of Agile

We already know who created Modern Agile. Heart of Agile is the brainchild of Alistair Cockburn. He is also one of the originators of the Agile Manifesto. This Manifesto came into existence in 2001. At that time, the Manifesto was simple. However, it became rather complex over the years. Today, Agile is an industry in itself.

Heart of Agile is founded on four terms – collaborate, deliver, reflect, and improve. They take the user back to the basics. Modern Agile helps the user to keep up with the changing times. Then again, with the aid of Heart of Agile, the user acquires mastery over whatever he/she is doing. In contrast, Modern Agile is a guide. It helps the user understand his/her current position in life. The user also acquires the realization of where he/she wants to go in life.

Are there similarities between the two?

Yes, there are a few. The most prominent one is their origins from the Agile Manifesto. Each adheres to four principles. These principles are easy to understand. The functioning of both concepts is easy to understand. Both Modern Agile and Heart of Agile are lightweight. Finally, they never let the user forget their origins. Thus, it is possible to work with both, or just with Modern Agile.

 To conclude, Modern Agile can prove beneficial to any organization. The management has to utilize it efficaciously. Sales teams, especially, will be able to view their performance metrics. Both individual and team performances come into play here. Then again, this concept also grants a chance to experiment. This way, the team can figure out successes and mistakes. In turn, it can come up with improved sales tactics. Above all, the team begins to work as a cohesive unit. 

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