How beneficial is React Native for developing a mobile app?

by Luigi Nori Date: 02-06-2020

A substantial alternative of cross-platform app development is fully native development. If you follow the approach of native mobile app development such as react native development company in Bangalore, you will be able to create separate ones for both Android as well as iOS. The framework of React Native is an evolving solution that is considered for a cross-platform app’s future development.

Is there any advantage of using React Native?

Let us have a look at the advantages of making use of React Native for developing a mobile app.

  • Community is important: React Native is one such platform that is of open source. So each and every document that is connected to the technology is available for everyone as well as free for all in the community of React Native. There lies a wonderful advantage of making use of a community drive by this technology. For instance, if there is an issue that is related to the development of React Native, you will be getting help from the community experts or you can also find all information online. Moreover, when you work with one open-source platform you will be recognized to write code. Any developer will be able to share his experience as well as create portfolios that will encourage them for writing better code.
  • The declarative style of coding: Any declarative programming will describe what that program needs to do instead of how it will do and it is opposite to that of imperative ones. A declarative style of coding will make React Native code very flexible and comprehensible for most developers. It will also be profitable when any developer needs to get into some projects as well as comprehend fast. This declarative coding style will also make coding paradigms simple along with the coding process. It will create codes that can read easily for not only the system but also the developers. As a result of excellent UI, a developer will be able to simply have a look at any code as well as understand it too.
  • Plugin support by the third party: The framework of React Native is yet advancing. So there is a chance of it lacking a few components in its core framework. For filling up such a gap, React Native offers two types of third-party plugins such as native modules as well as JavaScript modules. So if you require adding Google Maps or Calendars to any basic app functionality, it will be allowing you to get the plugin linked with any native or third-party module such as React Native Router Flux.
  • Simpler UI: It is all regarding mobile UI. If you compare the React Native framework to MeteorJS, you will see that it appears more like that of a JavaScript library rather than any framework. It is crucial to build a series of actions when creating any mobile app. React Native will make any implementing order completely perfect. Additionally, the user interfaces that are designed in React Native are considered to be more responsive, reduce load time as well as give an effortless feel.

So considering the advantages of making use of the React Native framework to develop a mobile app, we can say that it will be beneficial for a lot of businesses as it will be saving them huge money as well as time. It is an ideal solution unless there are any particular platform issues.

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