Advantages of Progressive Web Applications

by Janeth Kent Date: 08-05-2019 pwa progressive javascript

The unstoppable increase in the use of mobile devices to connect to the Internet has resulted in the fact that it is no longer enough to have only one web page to have an online presence. 
Right now, any company that wants to stand out and build customer loyalty must also be present on their customers' mobile devices. How do you achieve this?

Until now it was being done through the design and development of mobile applications, an expense that not all companies could afford. Another solution, supported by Google, is PWA technology (Progressive Web Applications), that is, a hybrid development between the best of native applications and web development.
In other words, it is a development that allows a website to behave as if it were a mobile application.

What advantages does it have for a company to have a PWA?

The biggest advantage it offers is visibility, why, because it can be installed as an application of the mobile, including an icon identifying the company, which makes it be present continuously in one of the devices that are looked at throughout the day, without just an extra pay is working the branding of that company.
Another great advantage is that they can be used without an internet connection, thus improving customer usability and reducing data consumption, browsing is instantaneous reducing load times and improving the user experience, as well as the usability of the web, one of the great SEO positioning factors for this year 2019.
At loyalty level, Progressive Web Applications can send Push notifications, so we will have the possibility to improve communication with customers, imagine structuring the capture of LEAD by service, or by product and be able to offer through a direct message a specific offer to each user on their mobile. Incredible to improve our marketing campaigns!

To summarize, we would highlight the following advantages of having a progressive web application.


Our website adapts to the real needs of the mobile phone


By improving speed, and working with or without a connection, the user experience can come close to perfection.


Through PUSH notifications we can communicate with our potential customers and customers quickly and directly.


Having the company logo as direct access on the mobile makes it a communication tool.
Location: we can geolocate the visitor and launch special promotions for the location.


All communication is through a digital certificate that guarantees the information exchanged as payment systems, or passwords.


If we launch an online store or a website with Mobile first, making the jump to PWA has a lower cost than making a native application.

Google is the company that has bet more on this type of technology and has developed an international list of web development agencies committed to the design and implementation of Progressive Web Applications.
To achieve all these advantages is essential to work Responsive web design, specific frameworks to show mobile interfaces that look like native apps and that follow the guidelines of secure websites with the Https protocol.

Those companies that do not want to invest in creating a native mobile application can opt for this alternative that is gaining more and more weight thanks to its good results.

In our humble opinion, this is undoubtely the future of mobile applications.
by Janeth Kent Date: 08-05-2019 pwa progressive javascript hits : 4704  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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