How To Effectively Learn Coding For Website Development

by Luigi Nori Date: 21-04-2020

Building a website can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to engage a professional. That’s why sometimes, it’s best to take matters into your own hands and develop your own website. You might start by visiting those quick online sites that let you design your web page and learn some simple HTML and CSS coding.

On a side note, there are different sites that are best for different reasons so some research into which one can fulfill your purpose is called for.

Back to coding. It might sound like an intimidating task initially but I can guarantee you, the time you dedicate to studying those simple codes will be put to good use. You can make small tweaks to your page almost immediately without burning a hole in your wallet to hire a website maker to do the same job.

The best part is the several working days you save not having to wait for the web developers to finish the job.

What’s more? You shouldn’t underestimate the little knowledge you have about coding because even new coders have sufficient liberty and ability to modify the interface of their website.

Furthermore, not relying on a third party, a specialized web developer, can also be a very assuring and freeing feeling.

It’s definitely unnecessary for you to be incredibly skilled at coding to build your own web page.

Realistically speaking, you probably already hold a full-time occupation and your website is simply an extra activity of interest or an additional feature to enhance the publicity of your business.

In order to make those quick, minute alterations with sufficient knowledge on a variety of styling choices, you only need to learn how you can insert a text column and change the background color and typeface design.

There is plenty of quality information available online that teaches coding to beginners so don't be afraid to explore them. These resources should also let you code and manipulate your website when using those quick website designing software.

The Language of Coding for Making Your Website

The quick and simple answer is HTML and CSS codes. There are other more sophisticated and complex languages for website-building such as JavaScript and jQuery. Frankly speaking, if you’re a user of a fast website building software, HTML and CSS are more than enough.

A point to note if you’re using WordPress is to include PHP as another possible language you might need because WordPress is a more intricate web page maker than any online ones. More steps are needed to edit your website on WordPress.

On the whole, just stick to HTML and CSS codes and you should do just fine. If coding ever becomes your new hobby, feel free to equip yourself with the knowledge of those other coding languages in the future.

Different Kinds of Help Accessible to You

To put it simply, there are resources that you don't have to pay for, and those that you do.

To know whether the free service or the paid one is best for you,  it is suggested that you try them both out. But just to help you along, here are some disadvantages and advantages of each of those options.

Let's begin with the free resources, in case you feel that they are enough to meet your demands.

Help That Is FOC

Of course, this choice is superior over the other because you don’t need to spend any of your hard-earned money. Additionally, there are millions of options and resources that cater to different purposes. For anyone with a very particular issue, look no further, because FOC resources will work just fine for you. Why? Because paid lessons seldom cover queries that are too narrow in focus. It is for this reason that individual issues are often only addressed when other netizens sound out the same issue on Yahoo or other types of platforms.

On the flip side, the huge amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming to you, especially if you don't know how to begin. Similarly, the answers posted on informal platforms can be messy and difficult to understand. Although a minority of people excel at gathering and making sense of the materials,  the rest of us might face some disruption to our learning, given that we need to sift through a huge pile of information to get the relevant ones.

There is no way to guarantee the reliability of a piece of information found for free online. It is fairly possible for any inexperienced Tom, Dick, and Harry to decide to share some “tips” on coding. There are many solutions to one problem so, as a newbie, it is impossible for you to decipher whether the knowledge you gathered is the top one.  

Help Obtained Through Reimbursement

Programs that you paid money for are usually strategically planned and broken up into bite-size lessons catered to newbies. You won’t have to tediously find information from the millions of content posted by others or think about how to begin. Simply stick to the program and you’ll do fine.

The best part is, credibility is ensured which gives you the ease of mind knowing that whatever you’re learning, it is the wisest course of action. Old habits die hard. When you’re studying something for the first time, it is wise to steer clear from bad practices that some novice might be enforcing. Instead, train yourself to follow good coding habits.

That said, these paid courses do come with disadvantages. Most programs have an all-encompassing syllabus; all you need to know about coding. That might sound like a great thing until you find yourself needing to undergo the entire course before learning how to code one small alteration. Maybe you just want to create your own design in your text box. Well, good luck because you would probably have to go through heaps of lessons before reaching that one small code that you need.


From this, we can see that both types of resources can help you in distinct manners.  Since you’re equipped with this knowledge and other things to look out for when picking your resources, what are you waiting for? Now that you know that learning how to code is not as scary as it sounds, go experiment with these learning resources and make the best website for yourself! After you’ve mastered how to code, be sure to also pick the right host for your website. If you’re at a loss about what to choose, head to Hosting Foundry to explore your options!

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