20 Useful and Amazing CSS3 Tutorials

20 Useful and Amazing CSS3 Tutorials
by Janeth Kent Date: 11-04-2013

We have listed 20 Amazing CSS3 tutorials, which show you how to develop some top notch CSS3 effects for your websites and personal blogs. Enjoy!

1. Create a Stunning Menu in CSS3

In this tutorial you will learn how to develop a white stunning drop down menu using CSS3. You can download the source files or view the demo at the bottom of the tutorial.

Requires: Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.

2. Growing Thumbnails

This a tutorial for some CSS3/jQuery growing thumbnails. Ideal for showcasing your best and recent work.

Requires: Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and jQuery

3. Making an Impressive Product Showcase with CSS3

This very impressive product showcase is built using CSS3 and will truly wow your clients and future customers. It is such an elegant and useful showcase of your work. View the demo in the tutorial.

Requires: Intermediate knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS.

4. Pure CSS3 Cycle Slider

In this CSS3 tutorial you can create a pure CSS3 cycling slideshow using the new keyframes property and transitions.

Requires: Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

5. Create the illusion of stacked elements using CSS3 Psuedo-Elements

Check out this simple stacked image gallery. Well, it can be used as an image gallery or another portfolio type website.

Required: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

6. Pricing Table With CSS3 Animation

If you’re an in demand web designer then you need a fancy pricing table like this one. Learn how to create a neat pricing table using CSS animation and transforms.

Required: Basic HTML and CSS.

7. Unique Contact Form With CSS3 Transitions

Create a unique raising contact form using CSS3 transitions. This neat contact form comes out of the envelope as you hover over it, then display input fields for you to type in your contact message. Great idea for a contact page.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

8. Code a Spinning Circular Menu With CSS3

I just love this menu, it is so unique and appealing. Reminds me of those old school telephones that my grandparents still own. Trust me I’ve tried to convince them to sell it. But it makes a cool navigation menu..

Required: Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

9. Animated 3D Flipping Menu With CSS3

Create yourself a neat 3D flipping menu using CSS3. Just to be unique with a 3D navigation.

Required: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

10. CSS3 Hover Over Transition Tutorial

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t consider my own tutorial to be a good one. If you would like to create a 360 degree turning hover over box, then check out this tutorial. Another good use for a portfolio type website.

Required: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

11. Styled Audio Player in HTML5 and CSS3

If you are using HTML5 audio player on your website, you can create an elegant looking audio player with this custom CSS3 tutorial.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of jQuery and CSS.

12. Direction Aware Hover Over Effect

This is a pretty amazing hover over effect. Moving from one thumbnail to another immediately triggers an info box. Would be awesome to use to display your work.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of jQuery and CSS3.

13. Google Play’s Minimal Tabs With CSS3 and jQuery

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a tab navigation that uses CSS3 and jQuery inspired by Google Play’s design.

Required: Basic Knowledge of jQuery and CSS3

14. CSS3 Vertical Navigation Menu

This is a simple CSS3 vertical navigation that you may want to use for your website.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

15. CSS3 Animated Hover Over Shine Effect

This is a very cool shine effect which you can use on your hover overs.

Required: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

16. CSS3 Filters

If you’re looking to apply some attractive filters to your images, then you may want to have a read of this tutorial.

Required: Basic CSS knowledge.

17. Create a Sticky Note Effect Using CSS3.

Be sure to take a look at these impressive sticky note effects that use HTML5 and CSS3.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of CSS and HTML.



18. Rotating Words with CSS3 Animations

Top quality typography effects with these rotating words that use CSS3 animations. Make sure you check out each demo as there are five.

Required: Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

19. Enhancing your Image Thumb Galleries using CSS3 Transitions and Transforms (Responsive)

This baby will show you how to enhance your image thumbnails using CSS3. With more than one effect for your image galleries, another great use for a portfolio website.

Required: Intermediate HTML and CSS.

20. CSS3 Transition Contact Form.

Last but certainly not least we have the CSS3 transition contact form that expands when you click inside the input areas. I’m not being vein I am just proud of my work and yes this is tutorial I wrote.. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Required: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Hope you enjoyed these 20 awesome CSS3 tutorials, if you would like to hear more from us then please subscribe to our newsletter. Your email is safe with us.


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