Seo From Php With Phpseo Class in Php

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Here we present a class to make better SEO in your PHP.

I want to post about SEO functions and classes for PHP and this is my first post about it. Let me show a demonstration of PhpSEO.

Basic usage:

$seo = new phpSEO("some long text here");
$keywords = $seo->getKeyWords();
$desc = $seo->getMetaDescription();

Advance usage:

$seo = new phpSEO("some long text here");
$keywords = $seo->getKeyWords(5);//returns only 5 keys
$desc = $seo->getMetaDescription(100);//returns 100 chars

Expert mode:

seo = new phpSEO();
$seo->setText(file_get_contents(""));//reading content form file or url
echo $seo->getText();//prints the text
$seo->setDescriptionLen(150);//description 150 chars
echo $seo->getMetaDescription();//print description
$seo->setBannedWords("sed,non,libero");//banned words, override the existing ones for keywords
$seo->setMaxKeywords(10);//sets 10 the max keywords
$seo->setMinWordLen(5);//all the words with len less than 5 will be erased
echo $seo->getKeyWords();//returns the keys

The phpSEO class download.

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