How to pay in Bitcoin: Hype and Coinbase

by Silvia Mazzetta Date: 10-12-2020 bitcoin cryptocurrency

Once the wallet is created, let's see how to pay in Bitcoin to buy various products and services.

If you have opened a Bitcoin wallet with HYPE, you can send payments using this cryptocurrency very easily.

All you need to do is go to the Menu section of the HYPE app, press on the Bitcoin button (to access your Bitcoin account) and tap on the Send Bitcoin button at the bottom.

This will open your smartphone's camera (give HYPE app permission to access it if needed) and you can scan the QR code to send Bitcoins. Alternatively, tap on the Or enter the address manually option at the bottom and enter the address of the payment recipient on the page that appears.

All you need to do is go to the Menu section of the HYPE app, press on the Bitcoin button (to access your Bitcoin account) and tap on the Send Bitcoin button at the bottom.

This will open your smartphone's camera (give HYPE app permission to access it if needed) and you can scan the QR code to send Bitcoins. Alternatively, tap on the Or enter the address manually option at the bottom and enter the address of the payment recipient on the page that appears.

You will also be charged the Mining Fee, which is a fee required to use the Bitcoin network and certify the transaction, and you will need to confirm the transaction through a link you will receive to the email address you registered with HYPE. The authorization must be confirmed exclusively from the smartphone from which you are using the HYPE app.

If you have opened a Bitcoin wallet with COINBASE , by simply connecting to the Coinbase site, you can log in by pressing the Login button in the top right-hand corner.

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the email and password that you used to register. You can also tick the Remember me box to stay connected to Coinbase on your computer, so that you don't have to enter your login details every time. Please be careful when selecting this option: never use it on devices that you share with other people, as doing so would allow anyone using your PC or smartphone to access your Bitcoin wallet!

The first time you log into a computer or browser, e.g. if you change device or location, you will be prompted to enter the code you received via SMS to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Then check your phone and enter the code you received to continue. Again, if you are using a personal device to which you have exclusive access, you can tick the Do not ask for the code for 30 days when using this computer box.

As an additional security measure, Coinbase will send an email to your email address to confirm that it was you who attempted to access your account. This only happens when you use devices or browsers that you have never used on Coinbase before, the first time you log in. As you can see, Coinbase takes security very seriously indeed!

Once you have pressed the Authorise this computer button in the email you received, you can finally log into your Coinbase Dashboard. From here, you can get a complete overview of your account: you can find information about the total amount of your digital currencies, the development of the value of your digital currencies and a menu that I will explain in detail in the next few lines.

Remember that cryptocurrencies are affected by market value, so if the value of Bitcoin changes over time, you may see changes in your available balance even if you haven't made any transactions.

By clicking on the Wallet menu item you can view your balance in the various cryptocurrencies that exist. Although I'm mainly talking about Bitcoin, Coinbase also allows you to store other, lesser-known cryptocurrencies and even Euros in your wallet.

You may have noticed that you don't have any Bitcoins at the moment and cannot spend them on your online purchases. Well, by clicking on the Transaction button in the top right hand corner, you have the option to perform transactions to buy or sell your Bitcoins - when you have them.

On this screen you can select the Buy option and enter an amount of money with which to purchase Bitcoins. You will be prompted to add a credit or debit card account with which to carry out your desired transactions. Don't worry about your security, Coinbase is a very serious and caring company that guarantees privacy and reliability to its users. In any case, remember to check the commissions that Coinbase applies to purchases and sales by visiting this link, so as not to have any nasty surprises.

If you have decided to add a credit card to Coinbase, the site will ask you for information about the card. Then enter the billing address and, on the next screen, after clicking on Add Billing Address, the codes for the card.

Once the procedure is complete, you are finally able to buy your Bitcoins through your chosen card. You can enter the amount you wish to buy and press Preview Purchase. On this screen you can review your order and if you are happy with it, press the buy button. Your Bitcoins will be available almost instantly.

Now that you have some Bitcoins available in your Wallet section, you can proceed with your online payments. To pay online with a cryptocurrency you will need to perform a Bitcoin send operation to an address. Wondering how to do that? I'll tell you right now.

When a seller allows you to pay in Bitcoin, they always provide a Bitcoin address to send the money to. You can think of this address as a kind of bank IBAN, linked to the seller's account. Once you have the address and verified the payment method you simply press the Bitcoin button from your wallet and click "Send", located on the right side of the screen.

At this point, simply enter the seller's Bitcoin address in the marked field and the number of Bitcoins or Euros to be sent to that address. Remember to enter what the seller has told you in the Note field.

As Bitcoins and transfers are completely anonymous, this is often the only way for the seller to know who the funds are coming from. Now click Continue and confirm the transaction after checking the details again.

Remember that a Bitcoin transaction cannot be undone, so pay close attention to the details so you don't make a mistake when submitting.

The transaction always takes a few minutes to complete, and you can find a record of it in the Recent Transactions section of the Wallet page. That's it, you've just paid in Bitcoin!

Always remember to follow the instructions of online sellers who accept Bitcoins to the letter so you don't make a mistake when sending.

Many online shops accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and some foundations, such as Wikipedia, even accept donations in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, if you're looking for how to pay in Bitcoin on Amazon, I have some bad news: Amazon has no plans to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for now. However, it is possible that in the future the e-commerce giant will change its mind, given the popularity of Bitcoin in recent years.

In the next article we will talk about how to get paid in bitcoins.

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