Import data from Mysql to MongoDb with EzSql class

Import data from Mysql to MongoDb with EzSql class
by Janeth Kent Date: 11-04-2013

This simple php class to demonstrate how to import data from a MySql database to a Mongodb with out complications. 

// It uses the ezsql database class from Justin Vincent: 

include_once "ezsql/shared/ez_sql_core.php";
    public function 
$db = new ezSQL_mysql($this->user,$this->pass,$this->database,$this->server);
$m = new Mongo();
$mongo_db $m->selectDB($mongo_db);
$collection = new MongoCollection($mongo_db$table_name);
$res $db->get_results("select * from "$table_name);
$i 0;
$res as $r)


And here it is an example about how to use this!

    // create a new object
$importer = new mongodb_importer();
// set your Mysql information
$importer->database "my_databse";
$importer->pass "my_secret_password";
$importer->user "my_user_name";
$importer->server "localhost";
// import the data
$count $importer->import("user","new_db");
// print the result
echo "Imported " $count " records.";
by Janeth Kent Date: 11-04-2013 hits : 3632  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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