Increase the Number of Backlinks to Your Site the Right Way

Increase the Number of Backlinks to Your Site the Right Way


SEO is important, however, the algorithms used and the techniques you need to use are changing every day. RankBrain is Google’s newest invention that has once again changed the face of traditional SEO tactics. Thankfully, however, one of the best methods of increasing your website’s ranking has remained: link backs. The quality of the site, however, is now an important aspect to how Google ranks your site. That means that using pages with low domain authority won’t help you raise in the SERPs. Instead, focus on being mentioned by reputable sites.


There are a few methods that you can use to do this:


  1. Write Industry-Leading Content

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to write content that people consider to be industry-leading. This means giving insights and value that others will share and refer to in their own articles. Doing this will put you in the position of industry leader, allowing you to not only benefit from the number of backlinks, but to also have people organically return to your site for more industry insight.


  1. Host Incredible Events

Whether the event is to celebrate a new product, or it’s a fundraiser, events are perfect marketing tools. Not only will you benefit from the social media marketing if you host your event correctly, but you will also benefit from the local and industry websites talking about you. The bigger, and more annual the event, the better. You want it to be the talk of the town, whether you’re bettering the community, or launching a new line of clothes.


Tip: Send out press releases to local and industry news agencies, and see if they publish a piece about you. That way you can get more press for free without having to worry about hosting an event no one goes to. The effort and marketing you put into hosting a successful event will help your website’s ranking in the long run.


  1. Publicity Stunts

 Another tried-and-true method to advertise and to get people to talk about you is to do publicity stunts. You can incorporate these stunts into your events for double the impact. For instance, you can go and buy a beautiful Yamaha R1 for sale, and then you, the CEO, can attempt to race on it. Whatever you choose, if you’re noteworthy, you’ll be talked about. This will increase your ranking and get your name out there. These sorts of stunts also benefit from being visually appealing, meaning that videos and photos can be shared around the globe, and easily consumed, and watched.


Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. SEO is one of the longest-lasting forms of marketing as well, although it is always changing, which makes it a good goal to work towards. Be an industry leader, and be the talk of the town. Together, people will talk about you, and ideally, they will backlink to your website. These people will also be news agencies and other influencers as well, meaning that the value of their backlink is priceless. 


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