The Ing Project Aka The European Crowdfunding Machine

THE ING PROJECT aka the European Crowdfunding Machine
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"ING" as the English suffix expressing the action of the verb or its result, product, material.
"THE ING PROJECT" was born from the idea of Matteo Masserdotti and Carlo Saccone, they define their project as "crowdfunding + reinvest into the community".
Matteo says: "In order to create a VDC (Very dedicated community), we thought that the best option is to make users participating actively on projects".
So, once projects are funded, creators have the ability to reinvest their money into the community, by crowdsourcing contests, offering a small money compensation for their works. This is going to be especially useful for equity crowdfunded projects (which are expected to raise average money higher than reward-based), will be a great opportunity.
Italy implements the first Equity Crowdfunding law in the world, with the Growth Act 2.0, and from now on Startups will be available to collect money from the general public. 
Our opinion is that The ING Project will be a really useful tool for ideas to become a reality, from the funding to the execution by crowdsourcing activities.
At the moment they are receiving projects from all around the world, but they won't be able to let them all access the platform. European Startups will be their priority.
Visit them at
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