ma-no: a full service web agency

Ma-No is an agency of services and technologies, e-business solutions & cross-media communication agency, able to develop integrated solutions with various methodologies: complete and targeted solutions of communication and marketing, design and maintenance of websites, design and implementation of web marketing solutions, web intercom systems, technical assistance and social networks management.

Corporate & Institutional Websites - Portals - Blogs - Web 2.0 - Information Architecture - Banner Campaigns - Rich Media - E-Mailings

MANO comes to your aid when it comes to doing business at low cost. With our creativity and art direction we have the solution for your business on the Internet. Everything goes far beyond a fresh design. The best result is also achieved in the careful study of the distribution of content. We design down to the smallest detail, so that users can easily find all the information they are looking for.

There are millions of websites on the net. How can you get concrete results being one of many? The best way is to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your website. Tools like Google, Yahoo and Bing need to see your website well structured to be registered and shown to your customers.

We can provide you with: Content Management & Technology - Products Catalogues - Reserved Area Access - Database Registration Forms - Intranet - E-Learning & E-commerce Platforms - Widgets for your website - Open Source Applications

Content Update - Technical Support 24/7 - Redesign - Application Renewal - Backups

Professional writing of advertising texts and slogans - Professional photography - Illustrations - Logos and corporate identity

Strategic plan - Media planning & buying - E-mail/SMS Marketing - Search engine marketing - Analytics & optimization

Brand Positioning - Project Management - Scenario Analysis - Identification of strength and depth of keywords - Viral campaigns and promotions - Interactive strategies - Creative Consulting.

The term "Social Media" mainly refers to all networking platforms or sites available on the internet. Among these sites we can list, by way of example, the best known such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Tumblr... all these sites, along with many others, are excellent marketing tools as they greatly accelerate visibility on the Internet. A proper Social Media Marketing activity creates a "spider web" effect that not only signals information to your most direct contacts but also indirectly, to contacts connected to users of your network of knowledge, up to deeper and deeper levels. More simplistically, there is an infinite virtual network of people who can have access to the information you are distributing on Social Media.


Web Design and Development

Everything Begins as an Idea It's the thing that gives our solutions real impact. It's the thing that will set you apart from your competitors. Most importantly however, it's the thing that achieves measurable results. We specialise in bringing brands to life with ideas and designs that are enduring, ownable, and immediately identifiable. No matter what the communication channel, or media environment, we ensure every idea stays true to it itself. The aim is one consistent message, working hard to capture the hearts…

Hosting & Domains

Affordable, reliable, and stable hosting services 120€ per Year! Creating a web presence is an essential consideration in the modern world. Without a viable presence in the online environment, you are cutting yourself out of invaluable revenue streams.  We offer Domain Registration and Web Hosting solutions to establish your web presence at prices you can afford! Our hosting services are the best for your business, we don't just offer reliable, affordable and stable hosting services, we offer trust, support, cooperation and true guarantee…


FEATURES WEB BUFFET PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM Web design       CSS and XHTML compliant       Dynamic sites with databases       SEO friendly       Free web sharing application       MySQL, Postgre SQL, MS SQL databases       JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX       Custom CMS       Blogs       Logo & Identity Design       Support       Prices  850€  (4 pages excl VAT) from 1500€ (excl VAT) from 2500€ (excl VAT)  


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